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Benefits Of Using Double Deep Pallet Racks

The most valuable asset for warehouses and other storage facilities is space. Warehouses need space to store pallets, racks, and pallet trucks, among other things. While pallet racking is the most preferred storage system, there is more to it than just the locations of these pallets. Pallet access is also valuable, and double-deep pallet racking offers about 50% access. Apart from this, the storage system also offers about 40% more pallet locations than any other type of pallet racking or a single shelving entry. With items stored two pallets deep, a double deep racking system offers several benefits to warehouses.

Below are some of these benefits:


The double deep pallet racking has a different mechanism than other pallet racks. Its mechanism is such that the only investment the warehouse has to make is in a basic telescopic reach system that can operate with a lower-end forklift. Moreover, this system is less expensive than two deep push-racking systems having the same storage density.

Increases Floor Space

Double-deep racks help free up more storage space by eliminating unnecessary aisles. Additionally, this helps free up floor space, especially areas that can accommodate an extra pallet rack above a single rack. Depending on the warehouse’s needs, you can also convert double-deep racks into a single-deep system.

Offers High Storage Capacity

When using a standard racking system, there are always fewer inches of space on the sides, making it easy for goods to fall off the shelves when there is poor handling. However, with a double deep racking system, there is enough space that will prevent this from happening. Warehouses using standard racks must install more rows of racks that take up more space. Double-deep pallet racks reduce the amount of free space by up to 30% to increase storage capacity.

Improves Safety

While installing any pallet racking system, always get it done from a reliable pallet rack manufacturer. The final product solves your storage problems and improves the safety of your warehouse. This type of racking has double storage depth. It is recommended that additional accessories such as a wire mesh or guide rails be installed on one side of the opening to avoid having products falling off the shelves while accessing them through forklifts. The products remain intact during loading and unloading with forklifts.

Offers Vertical Storage System

The standard pallet racking system allows you to go higher, limiting the vertical storage space. Also, going beyond the recommended height poses serious safety risks, like a possible collapse that could cause accidents. Using double deep pallet racks help go vertically higher than the standard ones.

Its two rows give it enough support to prevent a collapse. Its high number of footings, more than a standard one, give it additional strength. No matter how high the warehouse is, the racking will still stand and not collapse.

Double deep pallet racking is the way to go if your warehouse deals with many products with longer shelf life. It helps optimise the warehouse space and increase storage capacity and work efficiency. As you invest in this racking system, it is suggested that you also invest in an access system that will help reach the goods, as the regular forklifts can’t extend that far. Pantograph reach trucks are highly recommended.

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