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Benefits Of Buying Victorian Earrings Online


Mom-and-pop businesses in the neighbourhood have always been the primary means of selling precious jewellery. Buy victorian earrings online subsequently evolved into contemporary retailers and corporate chains with locations scattered throughout many cities, and occasionally even abroad.

Every industry experienced the digital transformation brought on by the internet, and many of these industries, including jewellery, have been significantly altered by the rivalry from online / e-commerce retailers. While consumers all around the world are now more at ease purchasing books, electronics, appliances, apparel, and even shoes online, many are still wary about doing the same with expensive jewellery.

The industrial revolution, Pax Britannica, and social reform are three things that most people associate with the Victorian era. All of these things pale in comparison to the Victorians’ greatest accomplishment: earring design. Anything One should adore about vintage jewellery is present in the Victorian earring style. These are the top three explanations: In addition to the aforementioned features that make Victorian jewellery so well-liked, several other advantages make it a desirable purchase, including:

Eco-friendly – Due to the extensive mining processes used to get precious metals and gemstones, the mass manufacture of contemporary jewelry has a detrimental effect on the environment. In contrast, purchasing Victorian necklace contribute to a decrease in the need for gemstone and metal mining, which is far better for the environment.

Incredible Value- Victorian jewelry is not only more affordable than new, comparable pieces, but you also avoid paying any production costs because they are already accounted for in the cost of the item you purchase. In addition, Victorian jewelry appreciates through time and becomes rarer the longer it is kept. In other words, when you buy Victorian earrings, you save cash and get a valuable item.

Better Quality- Compared to modern jewelry, the gemstones, and metals used to create Victorian jewelry were of a better caliber. Additionally, unlike recently manufactured mass-produced jewelry, old-fashioned jewelry was handcrafted by skilled artisans to an unrivaled level of craftsmanship.

Historical Importance- When you purchase Victorian jewelry, you acquire a small piece of history that you can wear and that has a backstory. You participate in the history of Victorian jewelry by deciding to purchase a piece.

1. Motives

Victorians were always coming up with new design themes. It locates you a set of Victorian earrings if you can come up with a topic. Victorian women wore earrings depicting flora, wildlife, people, locations, and ancient civilizations. Earrings with an Ancient Egyptian theme have long been preferred. The ones that include scarab beetles are ones favorites. A gorgeous set of earrings (Lot 195) with both micromosaic and gold scarabs in each one may be found in the fine Jewelry auction. They are quite intriguing and vibrant, and they have a very Victorian style to them.

2. Quantities

Many times you fall in love with a set of earrings the moment you glimpse them in a jewelry case. Until you put them on, that is. The proportions are then found to be off. Real talent is required to produce the design of earrings since they are kinetic sculptures for your ears. Designers of Victorian jewelry recognized this. An excellent illustration is this set of Gothic Revival earrings (Lot 222). Each component functions as a whole without dominating or overwhelming the others. A composition that flatters the wearer is made by the composition’s overall form and each element’s movement.

3. Comfiness

No matter how lovely an earring may be, if it hurts to wear it, it loses most of its attractiveness. This issue rarely arises with Victorian earrings. Earrings from the Victorian era don’t have clips (unless they were added later). The shepherd’s hook, which is a curving post that enters through the ear and falls to balance the load of the earring in front, was the preferred back of the Victorian designers. Additionally, most Victorian earrings are light in weight. Despite having intricate motifs that sometimes look heavy, they are simple to wear thanks to the use of delicate wirework.

Why Should You Buy Victorian Jewellery?

The Victorian era was divided into three distinct historical periods, the first of which was the early Romantic phase, which is marked by a wealth of customs, natural silver-and-gold themes, and the wearing of transparent stones during the day and coloured jewels exclusively at night.

Following the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert the consort, from typhoid illness in December 1861, the second period—also referred to as the Grand or Mourning period—began. He was first given the wrong diagnosis for his condition, and it was subsequently determined that he had passed away from a progressive type of cancer.

Despite the persistent rumours of his romance with Irish actress Nellie Clifden, Queen Victoria was devastated by the death of her husband.

Until the 1880s, when the era of artistic, beautiful, and appealing jewellery began, jewellery was made during this period of mourning and was dark, big, sombre, and dramatic, with abundant black onyx, garnet amethyst, and jet, golds,

By returning to more natural patterns, including various heavenly themes and more luxurious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, zircons, and of course diamonds, Late Victorians utilised more feminine and intricate motifs. Up to the century’s conclusion, these designs were still in use.

The Egyptian and Etruscan design styles, along with the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau design movements, which persisted until the start of the 20th century, were all prominent in Victorian-era jewellery.

Models of Victorian jwellery

Due to innovations in industrial practices and mass manufacturing methods, particularly in the early Victorian era, jewellery designs were incredibly innovative and had an impact on all strata of society. Due to the introduction of these new techniques, jewellers could make more things without sacrificing quality because production times for some pieces were drastically shortened.

Due to the availability of the materials available at the period, jewellery artisans also developed more innovative designs. In contrast to Victorian jewellers, who had the freedom to explore and develop novel concepts that had never been tried before, Georgian jewellers, for example, worked exceedingly meticulously because of the expense of possible errors.


Few historical periods have as much weight as the Victorian phase, which saw and proposed extraordinarily significant and long-lasting exploration, scientific, and expansion development. Jewellery that reflected the intellectual sophistication and cultural advancements of this romantic era was without a doubt one of the most significant and enduring Victorian items. From Victorian earrings to bracelets to engagement rings on Emmadi Silver Jewellery, the Victorian era featured a variety of distinctive jewellery styles and patterns that are unique to this period.

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