Have you ever heard of the caves, it feels so thrilled to visit a cave right! But we don’t visit them, because we don’t have sufficient food, sufficient rest and sufficient comfort. What if we have everything in the caves, we will be eager to stay there right. Then don’t be too late, go for a trip to Guhantara resorts in Bangalore, Karnataka. This is the first underground cave resort in the year 2022. The resort is much luxurious, and gives you the experience of being a caveman in it. This is located at Kanakapura Mail Road, at Bangalore South Taluk and is just 35 KM away from Bangalore. Let’s know more about this underground cave resort.


The resort provides you the ambience of a Cave and its architecture is an eye – feast for you. If you wish to go with your partner, it will be a beautiful intimate holiday for both of you. You can also visit the place with your family and office colleagues as well. You will experience lots of fun here and you will able to enjoy the architectural ambience of this Cave Resort. You might be thinking, about breathing, but no that’s not going happen. Because the Resort allows the natural light to get into it. Let’s look at the facilities of this resort, then you will be able to understand it more.


It is probably a Satiation, so you will able to get all the facilities which you need. Firstly, they will provide all the basic needs which are essential for a human. In addition you also have laundry, elevator, available doctors, parking lot and also free internet facility as well. The resort also provides with health clubs and gymnasiums, Spa and Massage centres are also available here. For children, there are various fun activities available such as swimming pool, cricket, tennis, in short, both the indoor and outdoor games are available for the children. So are you interested in getting here…of course, you vote for an YES. Let’s now know about the accommodation present at the resort.


The Resort just does the justice for its name, the rooms in this Cave Resort are themed and lightened as that of a Cave. If you enter into the rooms, you will automatically get the feel of having a sleepover in a Cave. Amidst of this you can either turn on or off the lights, or else you can just experience the natural light coming into the Caves. If you are wishing to live in a Primitive Cave, then the room rate would be INR 5000 i.e. for double occupancy, and if you wish to go  for a special package of worth INR 8500, then you can have all the food, accommodation, games etc.,. inclusive of taxes.

Whereas, if you are wishing to live in a Lithic Cave rooms, then it would be INR 5500 for a couple, and INR 9500 for the purpose of a special package, where you can have all food, accommodation and games. Next comes, the Suite rooms, where you will be charged INR 10,500 for Cave suites and INR 6500 for Lithic Suite rooms. If you are wishing for a Special package, then it would be INR 10,000 in Lithic Suite and INR 15000 in Cave Suite.


The Cave Resort has the most amazing places, where you can experience paradise. Firslty, Sambhojana, it’s a food court, where you can have multi – cuisine food and basically you can find a classic Cave décor there. Second comes the Madhushala, yes, it’s a bar and is located at underground of the resort. Third comes, Rangamandapa, where you will be experiencing the folk artists in the auditorium entertaining you. In final comes the Agastya Kuteera, it’s a Spa and you can get relaxed here and experience all the Ayurvedic magic.

So, the Cave experience will make you feel thrilled, and experience a different lifestyle in your boring life. You will feel like going to it again, if you leave the place. The aura of this place is just authentic and mesmerizing. Visiting this place, with your family, friends and your loved ones will create a lot of memories for you, and your partners. The experience of being surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, lakes and green ambiance, will never make you feel alone. Weddings at the resort can also be scheduled.However, pets are not allowed into the Resort, they strictly prohibit them. 

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