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A swift guide into video walls and digital signage solutions

Video walls and digital signages are the best ways to acquire people’s attention instantly. Video walls set up in big areas can be well-noticed and seen from distant places. Digital signage is considered one of the most powerful tools. Most companies opt for both digital signage and video walls to meet the outstanding demands of consumers. Contact only a high-esteemed supplier of video walls and digital signage in the Middle East and GCC region. Continue reading this post to unleash more about video walls and digital signage solutions.

1. Video walls:

Video walls incorporate numerous monitors that are tiled altogether and form a large screen. 

What are the benefits of installing our video walls?

a) Helps in conveying internal and external communications 

Be it control rooms, corporate workspaces or public spaces etc needs loads of information and data to get conveyed to the audience, employees and customers for catching attention. Our video walls help in sharing information with the highest impact in real-time visually.

b) Simple to control and configure

Our video walls use advanced technology and with the help of video wall controllers, you can ease both operation and configuration. It gives your complete control of what you want to exhibit, how and where. Managing video walls indeed needs less effort.

c) Video walls are reliable

Our supplied video walls help in creating the best first impression and do not forget – the first impression is the last impression. We supply top-quality video walls which are absolutely reliable. 

d) Elevates scalability

We supply good-quality video walls which can help you to increase your company’s scalability. Incorporate our advanced video walls to boost your brand image along with increasing productivity. 

Why choose our Interactive video walls?

Interactive video walls are one of the most effective communication modes. With our solution, you can easily communicate messages, promotional videos, brand values etc to visitors & staff. Look what are the best features of our interactive video walls and make them different from others:

> The video walls are quite simple and cost-effective solutions for communication which are designed for the creation of high-impact laden visual experience with high 4K definition.

> Our video walls are having good viewing angles.

> Wi-Fi is also included as the standard for video walls.

> Top-quality LCD/LED screens offer clear and crisp pictures with increased brightness.

> These video walls can control text scrolling across numerous displays.

> If you want creative layouts – our video walls are the best option for creative layouts with mixed orientations.

> You will not require any separate slice images and videos.

What are the prominent applications of our video walls?

There may be various suppliers but what makes our solutions different is – they are tailor-made and of the highest quality. You can use these video walls for 

> Public space advertising along with hospitality:

a) VIP Lounges b) Restaurants and bars c) Airports & train stations d) Retail or shopping centres.

> Corporate sector and for employees’ communication

a) Call Centers b) Stocks and shares offices c) corporate breakout areas d) Various information centres.

2) Digital signages:

Digital signages are one kind of electronic signage which use different technologies like LED, LCD etc to exhibit digital images. 

What are the advantages of installing digital signage?

a) Catch attention efficient – Nothing is better than visual when it comes to exhibiting various product offers, promotions etc and digital signages do so.

b)Customers can help themselves – Digital signages help in engaging shoppers or visitors without the need for any employee interaction. 

c) Change display automatically and immediately – With the help of rule-based software, the best advantage of using digital signage is – changing displays throughout the day.

d) Helps in improving internal communications – Digital signage are effective tools to simplify the internal communication networks of a business or organization.

Why pick our Digital Signage Content Management Server?

In order to run digital signage well, you will need digital signage content management servers which help in featuring a multilingual user interface for creating multi-zone content channels in full screen.

> Our supplied digital signage content management server can enable easy and quick updates of the local on-site be it – layout or TV channel changes.

> This server is simple, very easy to use and is apt for both professional and amateur users.

> You can do simultaneous multichannel publishing both manually and automatically.

> Every version of the digital signage content management server features similar powerful software. 

> Users can keep the signages new & relevant through the usage of live content like social feeds, TV and custom apps etc.

> You can reuse intranet assets by using in-built web page zooming and cropping functions.

> The ultra-modern playlists can help fast content control options like meta-tagging, sequential playback, synchronization, inter-zone triggering and many more.

So, all in all, CMS is the best platform to allow you to reach organizational aims – elevated revenue, compliance awareness, user satisfaction etc.

Are you in search of the best quality digital signage and video walls? Then you can reach out to us, Dutco Tennant LLC, we are one of the leading and most trustable companies in supplying exceptional quality digital signage and video walls in the Middle East and GCC region. We have the best team and offer customers online technical support too. You can contact us via mail at

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