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A complete guide of Kunti Betta Trek


If you desire to visit a place where the roots of our Indian mythology remains associated with it along with being the best place for trekking in Bangalore, then Kunti Betta Trek is no exception. It is the perfect place to get some mesmerizing scenic views, located in Mandya District of Karnataka. This site, otherwise known as the Onake Betta, is named after a famous character from Hindu’s greatest epic, Mahabharata. Trekking is considered to be easy and can be completed within a day.


The hill is about 80 meters in height and takes about 100 steps to climb the hill. At the peak, one can have a glance of Tonnur Lake below and lush vegetation around. The temples one can find at this place are dedicated to Sri Mallikarjuna, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and Devi Kunti. A Kalyana mandapam is built behind the temple, where the marriages are made. People usually visit this place during night time.

Although this place has got some of the connections from mythology but it also has got association with our history too. During the 18th century, in order to help Tipu Sultan to fight the huge British Army, the French troops stayed at this place and devised many strategies.


The temperature ata this place varies from 30 to 37◦C and hence is more suitable for trekking during hot and dry summers. This place is also not affected by the harsh weather conditions during winter because the temperature do not fall below 26◦C. But during the monsoons, people can face hurdles during trekking since this place experiences heavy rainfall consecutively for many days. Thus, it is always considered to visit this place during October to May.


There are many options to choose from to reach the destination. It is located around 130 km from the city of Bangalore and can be reached within 3 hours by bike or car. The nearest railway station is Pandavapura railway station which is located at 7.7 km from Kunti Betta. The journey by road is smooth where one can avoid the problems of potholes in between.


Trekking is the most preferred activity by the visitors that takes around 2 hours to reach the tophill. It offers an exciting as well as adventurous experience during the entire trekking process. It is highly recommended to carry your own water bottles and food items as there are no food stalls in between. During the whole journey of trekking, one can come across various sign boards that make it more easy and interesting.

This place offers great thrills to the bird gazers and photo enthusiasts as they can showcase their skills by capturing some of the rare flora and fauna with the help of camera lens.

It is a great place for families and friends as you can spend quality time with them by setting a camp. You can have your own camping gear or can buy from the nearby local shops. Sitting beside the bonfire, under the moonlight can make you cherish the moment for the lifetime.


To remain hydrated is essential during trekking and hence you need to carry your own water bottles and some energy bars. Try to avoid wearing tight clothes and shoes rather you should wear comfortable shoes to prevent you from slipping off the rocks.

One should carry the emergency or medical kit as there are no medical facilities available nearby. It is always advisable to avoid visiting the place during monsoons as this area remains water-logged for many days.

Littering should be avoided and ensure to keep your surroundings clean.


There is a list of options to visit the nearby attractions from Kunti Betta such as Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is considered to be the largest temple in Karnataka and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, where every year a lot of migratory birds such as storks, egrets etc visit the sanctuary and thus an ideal place for the bird gazers.

Apart from these places, one can also visit Gumbaz and Tipu Sultan Summer place.


 If you are under the pressure of the hustle and bustle of city life, then Kunti Betta can be the best excuse to escape from stress and work pressure. You can enjoy the pleasant view by sitting in the laps of mother nature. Since, the trekking is considered to be easy, this place is great for amateurs who can have a memorable experience of different activities at this place.

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