9 Ways to Make Your Natural Material Products Website Stand Out

9 Ways to Make Natural Material Products Website Stand Out

A natural material products website is a great way to showcase ethical and eco-friendly items. But in such a competitive market, you must ensure your products stand out from the rest. You can do this in various ways, from developing an eye-catching design to delivering informative and useful content, plus optimizing search engines. Make sure your website is user-friendly with easy-to-navigate menus, clear descriptions about each product category, and the available environmental impact of the items. Showcase customer endorsements wherever possible, too – stories of how people have benefited from your products can help create trustworthiness. Finally, make sure customers know exactly what comes with their purchase – clarifying shipping and return policies on-site should also be prioritized. With these nine tips, you’ll be able to ensure your natural material products site stands out in no time!

Design Matters

The design of your website is one of the most crucial elements when trying to stand out from your competitors. Ensure your website has an attractive layout, memorable color scheme, and easy navigation that make customers feel comfortable shopping with you. For example, if you sell area rugs, create a gallery of images showing how your product will look in living spaces. Give customers visuals of what they’re buying and what it can become when they take it home. This can help them make decisions quickly, helping you to close more sales.

High-Quality Images

The quality of the images you use on your website is also very important when standing out from others in this industry. Using high-resolution images will give visitors an accurate representation of what they will receive when they purchase a product from you. For example, if you sell furniture, use images that show the fabric of the upholstery or even how it looks in different lighting. This will help customers make more informed decisions and be more likely to purchase from your store.

Focus on Storytelling

People love stories- especially ones about natural material products! Tell a story on your website about how these items have been crafted or used in everyday life by real people worldwide. This will help create an emotional connection with potential shoppers and provide them with an experience that sets them apart from others in this industry! For example, if you sell beige rugs, discuss how your rug was crafted using traditional techniques and materials from a specific region or area.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are great for businesses to connect with their target audience and potential customers! Social media can help spread awareness about your brand or website and provide additional engagement opportunities for customers who may not know about you yet but could be interested in learning more after seeing something posted online! For example, create posts or videos showcasing how your beige rug was made, discuss the process and materials used, and include before and after pictures to show customers the quality of artistry. Additionally, you can use social media to answer any questions conceivable customers might have about your product or service.

Unique Content

Make sure that all of the content on your website is unique and engaging for visitors. This includes descriptions of products, blog posts, and other written materials on the site. Having unique content gives customers a reason to come back and visit again! For example, If you sell Beige Rugs, create a blog post about how to decorate with Beige Rugs and include your product in the post. If you sell clothing, write an article about the latest fashion trends or style tips for wearing certain items.

Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key if you want to rank higher on search engines like Google or Yahoo! Investing in SEO services will help ensure that more people find you when searching for specific terms related to natural material products online- thus driving more traffic (and hopefully sales!) toward your business! For example, create content that uses words like “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” and “natural materials.”

Offer Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff! Offering small freebies like eBooks, samples, or discounts can be a great way to get new customers interested in your offer and keep existing ones returning for more! Whether offering free shipping or something else entirely- making sure that these items are visible throughout the site can make a difference when trying to stand out amongst competitors! For example, if you sell organic food products, consider offering a free recipe eBook or sample packet of your top-selling items with orders over a certain amount.

Use Analytics

Analyzing customer data is essential if you want to understand how people interact with your site and what type of content they’re drawn towards most often- which can help inform future decisions regarding design changes or marketing campaigns based on this information! For example, if you find that a certain page is receiving more traffic than others, you can determine if it’s due to the content or design being particularly attractive. 

Be Active Online

Being active online means participating in conversations relevant to natural materials products- whether it’s responding directly via social media or commenting/sharing other peoples’ posts related to topics found within forums/blogs etc.- showing potential customers that there’s someone behind the scenes who cares deeply about this topic can go a long way towards creating trustworthiness & loyalty among those who may eventually become loyal followers & buyers of yours over time too! RugKnots, a rug-selling website, is a perfect example of how much being active in relevant conversations can help build up trust & credibility- not only does the company’s website feature a ‘Live Chat’ with one of their customer service representatives, but they also have an active presence on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram where they share images of new rugs, answer questions from customers & showcase upcoming offers regularly. By engaging in influencer marketing & becoming active in conversations, RugKnots has built up a loyal following & created an army of brand advocates who are spreading the word about their product across multiple platforms. This has allowed them to gain more exposure & ultimately create more sales for their business!


A unique website is undoubtedly essential if you want your natural material products business to stand out from its competitors and reach new customers daily! By implementing these nine tips into practice today & consistently working at improving customer experience through design enhancements, high-quality images/content creation & utilizing analytics effectively- you should be able to see positive results very soon, too, so don’t wait any longer & get started now instead! Comment below & let us know how your website design efforts are going! We would love to hear from you & help you further in any way we can. Good luck & have a great day ahead.

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