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7 Ways Coconut Bowls can Help Save the Environment

Many people are choosing eco-friendly products because of this. Our world is becoming more technologically advanced and produces more waste. This creates a host of environmental problems such as acid rain, poor air quality, water pollution, ozone depletion, and, most importantly, climate change. Individuals, businesses, and organizations are all looking at ways to help the planet recover from these issues. Rainforest Bowls is one example of an environmentally conscious business.

The world’s economy thrives today on consumption and production. This system doesn’t take environmental well-being into consideration. Today, there is an oversupply of natural resources and pollution is rising at unsustainable levels. Rainforest Bowls believes that it is our responsibility to advocate for a healthier, more sustainable environment. We do this through all-natural, environmentally-friendly products like natural coconut shell bowl.

Our coconut bowls can be paired with Instagram-worthy smoothies or other dishes, and they can help to save the environment. How can these bowls promote a greener Earth?

Reduce waste

Around 50 billion coconuts worldwide are produced each year. However, only 85% of the coconut shells are disposed of as waste. Some people make charcoal from coconut shells, but most are discarded. These shells are often burned openly, which contributes greatly to methane and carbon dioxide emissions.

Each of us must reduce our carbon footprint if we want to live on a greener planet. Rainforest Bowls does this through the repurposing of discarded coconut shells into usable bowls. These shells can be recycled to reduce coconut waste, and help reduce the amount of trash going to landfills or incinerators. Our coconut bowls reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Coconut bowls are not like regular dishes and bowls. They don’t require the collection or processing of natural materials. They are made from discarded shells and reduce the need for new raw materials. This helps to conserve natural resources. These coconut bowls can be recycled and repurposed to help you live a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle.

Promote Sustainability

10 million farmers own 95% of the 50 Billion coconuts that are grown each year. Most of them live in Southeast Asia. These coconut farmers often throw away the coconut shells because they don’t see any value. Rainforest Bowls decided to take back the shells that were previously discarded from Vietnamese farms. The shells that we reclaim come from sustainable coconut farmers. This is because ecological balance is our number one priority. Our coconut bowls promote sustainability in coconut farming.

Living a sustainable life means not consuming or reducing natural resources. Our coconut bowls, in addition to promoting sustainable farming practices, encourage sustainability by reusing waste and not consuming new natural resources. These coconut bowls are made from discarded coconut shells and not ceramic, metal, or plastic. This helps to conserve raw materials. These bowls are ideal for a sustainable lifestyle because they provide a new purpose for coconut waste.

We believe that coconut bowl production is social entrepreneurship. Coconut farmers earn less than $2 per hour, so making coconut bowls can be a viable way for them to sustain their livelihoods. These coconut bowls not only encourage sustainability but also promote rural communities’ livelihoods in Vietnam.

Made by hand

These coconut bowls were not made out of anything. The amazing skills of Vietnamese artisans have transformed discarded shells into beautiful, hand-crafted coconut bowls. These bowls were made using a natural process of cutting and sanding. They are then polished with natural coconut oils, giving them a shiny appearance.

Our coconut bowls are entirely handcrafted and do not contain any chemicals. They are safe to hold food. This means that these bowls are not made from toxic chemicals.

Making coconut bowls by hand has another advantage: it takes significantly less energy to make them than mass-producing other types of bowls. Mass production has resulted in the overexploitation of natural resources and harmful levels of pollution. It continues to exhaust large amounts of energy resources, which leads to more pollution and global warming emissions. You don’t have to worry about that with handcrafted coconut bowls.

Encourage sustainable eating and eco-friendly living

It is not easy to live sustainably. It can be hard to live without plastic products and other artificial chemicals. There is a way to live sustainably. It starts by choosing sustainable products like coconut bowls. You can make your environment more sustainable by choosing sustainable products. You will experience a shift in your identity and your life. Your environment has a direct impact on the choices you make and the habits that you develop. If your home is full of eco-friendly products, such as coconut bowls and other eco-friendly items, it will be easier to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Coconut bowls can change how you eat. Coconut bowls might inspire you to eat sustainably because of the lifestyle changes they can make. These bowls have a natural look that will make you more likely to choose locally-grown produce and to eat mindfully. It all begins with coconut bowls. Your life will easily adapt to these choices and the changes they bring.

Biodegradable, compostable

Coconut bowls are made of coconut shells, which is one of their best features. Some coconut shells can be pulverized to make coconut shell powder concrete. A coconut bowl is extremely durable and bump-resistant. With the right maintenance and care, it will survive for many years.

You don’t need to throw away your coconut bowl if it cracks or breaks. Our coconut bowls are 100% made from natural coconut shells and are biodegradable. They will naturally break down into organic materials once they are disposed of.

You might consider using the bowls to make compost. However, coconut shells can take several months to decay. They can be thrown in a pile with compost and will eventually decompose. However, they take longer than other compostable items. You can also use them to make biodegradable, eco-friendly pots. Coconut bowls can be used as biodegradable pots. This will not only look great but also save money on purchasing new pots. Coconut bowls can be used to make healthy compost for plants.

Coconut bowls can be sustainably manufactured and will continue to contribute to sustainability long after their intended purpose is fulfilled. Coconut bowls have many benefits that last forever, whether they are used before, during, or after their use.

Help Replant More Trees

Forests around the globe have shrunk by more than 502,000 sq miles since 1990. This is more than South Africa. Each minute, forests are being lost around the world in a size equivalent to 27 soccer fields. Most often, global deforestation is caused by clearing land for agriculture. Trees are used as fuel, construction, or production.

Over a billion people have relied on forests for food, fuel, and medicine. Forests are also home to over 80% of the Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity. They also provide watersheds for three-quarters of all freshwater on Earth. Humankind has taken the forests of the world for granted and started destroying them more and more. Deforestation has led to worsening droughts and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Rainforest Bowls is committed to creating a more sustainable environment with our eco-friendly, sustainable products. But we don’t stop there. One Tree Planted is an environmental charity that plants trees in the hope of restoring forests. We will donate one coconut bowl for every 10 we sell to the environmental charity One Tree Planted.

One coconut tree can produce 75 coconuts per year on average, and each coconut shell can be used to make two coconut bowls. Each tree can produce 150 bowls every year. One coconut tree, which doesn’t need to be cut down, can produce enough bowls to plant 15 coconut trees each year. You can also enjoy the fact that our bowls are sustainably sourced, handmade, biodegradable, and sustainable.

Support Proactive Environmental Strategies

We have teamed up with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity, to plant a coconut tree for each 10 coconut bowls that we sell. This is only part of our initial plan. You can feel confident that your purchase of our bowls will help us achieve our environmental goals in the next year. One of these goals is to restore forests in Vietnam on a personal level. Coconut prices were dropping in Vietnam’s most famous coconut-growing region. The coconut trees were then cut down by local farmers to make way for more lucrative fruit-bearing trees. Vietnam’s economy is now refocused on the coconut industry, and it has signed the New York Declaration on Forests. Vietnam also plans to stop deforestation by 2030 and to start restoring its forests. There’s still much to do. We plan to collaborate with local environmental organizations in Vietnam to replant trees.

We won’t plant one tree next year for every 10 coconut bowls that we sell; instead, we plan to plant one tree per coconut bowl you purchase! Our goal is to plant at most 1,000,000 trees over the next few years. We cannot do it alone. We also need your support.

We also plan to donate to other environmental charities, in addition to One Tree Planted. We believe that collaborating with other like-minded organizations can have a significant positive impact on the environment.

Rainforest Bowls, an eco-conscious company, is committed to giving back to the planet, helping to replant forests, protecting biodiversity, and making our world more sustainable.

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