7 Best Black Metal Weapons In Valheim, Ranked

In Valheim, black metal weapons are exceedingly valued. Here’s what gamers should be aware of.

Valheim is a survival game in which players begin with nothing and progress through progressively difficult biomes that provide better and better resources. Players can venture the Plains and find Black Metal Scraps after relying on Wood, Stone, Flint, Bronze, Iron, and ultimately Silver. These scraps can be smelted into Black Metal using a Blast Furnace.

Black Metal is currently the greatest metal in Valheim, and it is used to manufacture some of the game’s best weapons and goods. The Black Metal weapons in Valheim range from strong shields to one of the greatest swords in the game, as well as the Skoll and Hati, a rare duel weapon.

Black Metal Shield

Black Metal Shield
  • Block: 78
  • Crafting Materials: 10 Fine Wood, 8 Black Metal, 5 Chain

The Black Metal Shield is one of the most powerful shields in Valheim. Black Metal Shield, like the other round shields in the game, provides the ideal balance of parry power and blocking strength, two qualities that bucklers and tower shields excel at.

When creating the Black Metal Shield, players can choose from seven different designs, each with different colors and patterns, as they do with many other shields in the game.

Blackmetal Knife

Blackmetal Knife
  • Damage Type: 34 Pierce and 34 Slash
  • Crafting Materials: 4 Fine Wood, 10 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread

The Blackmetal Knife is an excellent choice for players that love to get up close and personal with foes or use Valheim’s stealth mechanics. It is only beaten by the Skoll and Hati in terms of knives in the game, however the Blackmetal Knife has the advantage of being unlocked in the Plains biome.

Players can quickly close the distance on foes and cause great damage by leaping in with the knife’s secondary attack, which can be followed up with more fast stabs.

Blackmetal Axe

Blackmetal Axe
  • Damage Type: 100 Slash
  • Crafting Materials: 6 Fine Wood, 20 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread

The Blackmetal Axe is unrivaled as a woodcutting axe, capable of chopping down all types of trees in the game with the highest Chop stat. It is far from the best weapon in Valheim, but it is still a strong option. Especially when compared to weapons constructed of weaker metal.

The biggest advantage of using the Blackmetal Axe as a weapon is that it saves inventory space. Because it is both a tool and a weapon. The disadvantage is that durability can be an issue.

Blackmetal Sword

Blackmetal Sword
  • Damage Type: 95 Slash
  • Crafting Materials: 2 Fine Wood, 20 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread

The Blackmetal Sword is the fourth of six swords that players will discover in Valheim. It is an extremely reliable weapon with no extreme strengths or weaknesses, much like any other blade in the game.

Although it does not deal as much damage as the Blackmetal Atgeir, it uses far less Black Metal. Which can be difficult to get, making it a more cost-effective option.

Black Metal Tower Shield

Black Metal Tower Shield
  • Block: 104
  • Crafting Materials: 15 Fine Wood, 10 Black Metal, 7 Chains

Tower shields in Valheim are enormous shields that excel at blocking, but they cannot parry like smaller shields. The Black Metal Tower Shield is the most powerful tower shield, with the highest block stat in Slope Game.

While Black Metal isn’t too expensive to forge, players will need to gather a lot of Chains from the Swamp biome if they want to enhance their Black Metal Tower Shield further. Upon creating their shield for the first time. Players can select from a variety of various designs to fit their style.

Blackmetal Atgeir

Blackmetal Atgeir
  • Damage Type: 105 Pierce
  • Crafting Materials: 10 Fine Wood, 30 Black Metal, 5 Linen Thread

The Blackmetal Atgeir is the second best polearm in Valheim, only beaten by the famous Himmin Afl. Its secondary strike, like the other Atgeirs, is a lethal 360-degree sweep. Which comes in handy when surrounded by an entire Fuling army.

Although the Blackmetal Ategeir provides the largest upfront damage of any Black Metal weapon, it also has the drawbacks of any two-handed weapon in Valheim, such as slower attack speed and slower mobility speed.

Skoll And Hati

Skoll And Hati
  • Damage Type: 45 Pierce and 45 Slash
  • Crafting Materials: 4 Fine Wood, 10 Iron, 10 Black Metal

The Skoll and Hati is one of Valheim’s most distinctive weapons, as it is the only example of dual wielding. It boasts a tremendous attack speed, a lethal secondary attack, and, of course, great backstab damage. Its light weight also makes it ideal for situations where inventory space is limited.

While the Skoll and Hati are built of comparable materials to the other Black Metal weapons, they can only be manufactured in a Black Forge, which players must obtain by venturing into the Mistlands.

Valheim is now available on PC, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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