6 Most Iconic Plague Doctors In Video Games

6 Most Iconic Plague Doctors In Video Games

Plague doctors were such an important part of history that they have been used in video games. These are the best and most famous so far.

Plague Doctors were an important part of history because they tried to stop the spread of the plague while also keeping themselves safe. Many players and game developers remember the clothes they wore when they think about the characters they make.

Plague Doctors are often used as non-playable characters (NPCs) in games with a gothic theme or that take place in darker times. Sometimes, they even play the main character. These are by far the best Plague Doctors players have met in a wide range of games, and they have left a lasting impression.

The Leech – Wytchwood

The Leech – Wytchwood

The Leech may not be a good person, but she is still a very interesting character. That players will meet in Wytchwood. After a goat tells them to find souls to bring a dead woman back to life. Players will find the Leech’s clinic, which seems to be full of plague. By helping an old woman find out what happened to her husband, players will learn that the Leech is giving these patients diseases and illnesses on purpose so she can make her sickening blood drinks.

By far, one of the most interesting things about her is how she looks. Especially how her long leech mouth looks like the beak of a plague doctor’s mask. And how her leech body coils inside the Plague Doctor outfit so she can stand like a normal person.

The Warden – The Serpent Rogue

The Warden – The Serpent Rogue

Plague Doctors or characters who are influenced by them are most common in medieval fantasy games, and The Serpent Rogue is no different. Players take control of The Warden, a mysterious alchemist with ties to the Plague Doctors. The player must use their knowledge of how to make potions to stop the spread of the Serpent Rogue, a terrible infection that has spread all over Mount Morbus.

Players are left to explore with The Warden and find new ways to evolve them with their potions. The Warden has only one goal, and that is to get rid of the Serpent Rogue. How they decide to do this is up to the player, since each skillfully made potion has different effects.

Corvus – Thymesia

Corvus - Thymesia

Even though Corvus is very lucky to be alive, the hard world he has to fight through. And his sad past make him a very interesting character for players to follow. Corvus himself got sick from the plague that is destroying the kingdom he lives in.

But luckily, an experimental treatment made him part raven and helped him get better. Most of the time, this treatment had terrible side effects, but Corvus managed to stay alive in Basket Random. With his new feathered powers, he must go back into his memories to find a way to help the kingdom. Corvus goes above and beyond to help this kingdom. He combines his identity as a bird with his outfit, which looks like that of a plague doctor.

The Plague Doctor – Darkest Dungeon

The Plague Doctor – Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeons is a grim rogue-like role-playing game that keeps this theme going with the characters players can hire to help them find treasure in the different dungeons. Many players chose Paracelus, the plague doctor, out of all the characters they could play.

She’s one of the youngest team members, but she’s a great support character and a deadly DPS, making her a vital member that players need to not only keep alive but also bring into every dungeon they explore. Along with this power is her witty one-liner, which made players laugh even during the most intense moments. She says that she keeps pieces of her enemies for testing, and that the battlefield has become her lab.

Oswald Keller – The Plague Doctor Of Wippra

Oswald Keller – The Plague Doctor Of Wippra

Even though plague doctors look like they are in a lot of games. Not many of them let you play as one and take care of patients and deal with a deadly plague.

In the point-and-click game The Plague Doctor of Wippra, players control Oswald Keller, a plague doctor in medieval Germany. Oswald has to take care of the people of Wippra and, hopefully, find out what’s causing the Black Death. But it’s never easy, because even the people Oswald is trying to help have doubts and suspicions about his treatments, even though he keeps trying to help them. Even though players may have only had a short time as a Plague Doctor. Getting to know Oswald and the people of Wippra is something that will be remembered.

Doctors – Assassin’s Creed 2

Doctors – Assassin's Creed 2

The doctors who save lives in Assassin’s Creed 2 are by far the best plague doctors players have had the chance to meet and talk to in video games. Even though there hasn’t been a Black Death since Ezio’s time, Italian doctors still wore outfits that made them stand out on busy streets when a player needed help.

Unlike the usual doctor, these doctors also sold poison to the player for a fair price. This allowed Ezio to sneakily poison his enemies and distract them while sneaking past without being seen. Players could even invest in one of the doctors to help fund his store and get a discount on healing, which made him a very valuable asset.

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