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5 best productive channels must explore by every student

YouTube channels can be more than just entertainment. Discover the top ten channels that will assist you with classwork.

Spending many years and hours attempting to learn and memorize ideas, theories, equations, and books can be exhausting. We usually get distracted by going on YouTube to procrastinate and find YouTube clips to distract ourselves from the stress. Did you know it can be used for both studying and leisure?

The availability of a wide range of videos on various topics has greatly expanded our chances to hone our skills and improve our productivity. Just like this, there is the best assignment writing service UK or USA are available to help students achieve their tasks quickly.

Why Educational Channels Are Beneficial

What’s great about many YouTube accounts is that they keep each lesson as short as possible and to the point. This makes it easier to maintain attention and concentration without becoming distracted or tired.

Another advantage of YouTube videos is that they are engaging but not distracting, as study groups can be. While studying with friends can be enjoyable, it is easy to become distracted by discussion and talk about things that are not related to studying.

Most YouTube channels have well-organized playlists as well. This means that each lesson is introduced in the order in which you should learn the particular topic. Finally, some students simply prefer to study through visual or auditory means. YouTube videos provide both visual and audio support, making them easier and more enjoyable to learn from than school books. Also, the best assignment writing service UK online help is making student’s life easier just like these channels

5 Best Channels


Ted-Ed has been offering a diverse range of classes since March 1, 2011, ranging from fine arts to mathematics, medical studies, and business. Each video contains entertaining animations and teaches lessons in a fun way using interesting examples.

Ted-Ed has 10.2 million subscribers as of 2019, and the channel has been viewed approximately 1.6 billion times!
The Khan Academy

If you’ve never visited Khan Academy’s website, it’s a free educational resource with tutorials on a variety of topics. Its objective is to provide anyone, anywhere with a world-class education. I’m confident that their mathematics, statistics, algebra, and other math videos will assist you in creating a playlist that works for you.

The Crash Course

On May 19, 2006, this channel was launched to teach a wide range of subjects such as the ancient world, physiology, and even psychology.

Crash Course, which has 10.2 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views, uses a mix of old footage, descriptive images, and humor to keep viewers briefed and amused.


These videos not only describe but also show fascinating and unique scientific findings in action. Their video begins with intriguing questions and then goes deep into the subject. They offer an inside look at advancement, science, and other topics of interest. Every video includes lectures, discussions, and tours to give you a three-dimensional view of the subject.

Learn How to Be an Adult

This YouTube channel educates its viewers on topics that are not taught in school. Monthly “adult worries” such as friendships, work opportunities, housing, taxes, financial affairs, cleaning, and mental health are featured on the channel.

In Conclusion

YouTube channels can be more helpful than we think. People are working hard to give us a chance to be better prepared, advised, and receive some sort of education for free. If you are an expert in something, you should think about sharing it with the world. You never know the impact that can have on the world, the students, or people.
You can always look for other famous YouTube channels that make videos about effectiveness and productivity. Whatever you do, following the advice and tricks from these channels will undoubtedly help you become more successful.

The influence of online videos will continue to have an impact on our lives and culture. Productivity videos have become the most popular manuals for improving our personal and professional lives. However, we must remain observant and critical in what we allow our minds to absorb, ensuring that the concepts, and even how they are displayed, are productive.

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